Just after 5,100 hours my old Suzuki finally decided to give it up. Over the last 7 years I have a lot of good stories to tell and a pile of great days on the water. We had a few setbacks along the way on May 3, 2021 I hit a concrete box in the sound, blew the lower unit out, bent the crankshaft, and developed a vibration. Placed a new lower unit on the motor, removed the power head, and put new seals in the bottom of my oil pan. Let’s just say since that day I have checked the oil every charter and gone through a lot of quart bottles. I hope this new motor is as good as the last one and provides a lot of good memories along the way. Thanks to Greg’s Outboards for always keeping me up and running. Give me a call to book your charter some really good late April days available (252)-305-7755. #tradition_fishing #hatteras #hatterasisland #gregsoutboardcenter #outerbanks