I spent the week again with the Mcinnis family and just as always it was a blast. We had some weather to deal with earlier in the week and kept us at the dock a little bit. Finally Wednesday we went out in the afternoon and beat the weather. We skipped around the rain and ended up landing a very nice catch. We landed 8 keeper trout and some bluefish. We also had a very nice trout get away with a very funny story to go with it that we will never forget. Friday afternoon Conner joined us to catch a boat Load of Spanish for all the boats fishing the big rock. We landed 40 Spanish that we put in the mix to turn into marlin baits and passed them out to everyone fishing the tournament. Saturday we spent the morning fishing for Conner and the afternoon catching shells and sand dollars for Miss Dare. We landed about a dozen trigger fish and a amberjack. The afternoon Miss Dare and Miss Brackman filled up a bag of shells. Also I want to wish a happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Open afternoon of June 26 and 27 give me a call (252)-305-7755.