Today I had two trips and it was a struggle for me but i made it all come together in the end. Some days you just have to work harder to catch some fish. This morning I had Ms Rhonda and Mr Dave who I really enjoy fishing with. Mr Dave has a drum curse and they always seem to hide when he fishes with me. We fished hard but only ended up with a few blues. The end of the morning trip I saw my first Cobia of the year but didn’t get to make a cast. It was sure nice to see after a long winter. This afternoon I had Mr Pete and rob out for a good afternoon. We did land the first Spanish of the season. Carly Rae aka (Aaron Kelly) found a school of black drum that we made our trip catching some citations. Ended the day in the sound due to the high winds with a nice stingray bite. Give me a call to setup a fishing trip (252)-305-7755.