open Thursday morning.Today was an awesome day and we got to see some really interesting things. This morning we started out landing a mix of Spanish and blues that filled up a bucket. We switched over to looking for drum and finally in the end we got a couple good opportunities. The first school of drum we got on was like a National Geographic article. I think 6 boats hooked drum out of this school and I don’t think a fish was landed. The school was surrounded by sharks and all we got back were the heads and for us we got smoked by the sharks again close to the boat and we ended up with nothing but busted leaders. We then found a really nice place of fish with no sharks and got two chances. We landed 2 citation drum and 3 over the slot fish. To finish off the morning we caught a few trout drifting and one was a keeper. I am open Thursday morning (252)-305-7755.